(The abbreviations in brackets are those used in the text and are listed alphabetically under Abbreviations)

British Architectural Library

Index of C19 churches compiled by H S Goodhart-Rendel (GRI)
Manuscripts and Archives (BAL/MSS)
Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) admission papers:
Associates (RIBA/A/A)
Fellows (RIBA/A/F)
RIBA Archives:
Committee for the Conservation of Ancient Monuments and Remains – Minute book from 1864
(RIBA Conservation Committee)
Proceedings 1834-92 (RIBA/P)
BAL biography files (BAL Biog)

Council for the Care of Churches (now Church Buildings Council)

Files on individual churches (CCC)
Papers of Canon B F L Clarke (Clarke papers):
Descriptions of churches
Notes on C18 buildings, restorations and furnishings
Notes and draft for a biography of Henry Woodyer
National Association of Decorative and Fine Art Societies (NADFAS):
Records of church furnishings

East Sussex Record Office

Parish Records (ESRO Par)
East Sussex Poll Book (PB), 1837
Lewes Borough Poll Books (LBPB), 1818-69
Other series (as stated)

Lambeth Palace Library

Archives of the Incorporated Church Building Society (ICBS)
(Online catalogue of plans at

The National Archives

IR 104/67-69 Tithe Redemption Commission: ascertainments for chancel repairs

National Art Library and Archive of Victoria and Albert Museum

Guild of St Joseph and St Dominic: Records 1921-89
J Hadley: Henry Holiday – Windows and Reredoses made by James Powell and Sons
4 (unpublished list, 2001)
: Henry Holiday – Windows, Wall Paintings, Reredoses and Panels Made by
Holiday’s Workshop 1888-1905 and by Lowndes and Drury at the Glasshouse 1906-35

(unpublished list, revised 2003)
E Hardy: Farmer and Brindley: Craftsman Sculptors 1850-1930 (unpublished dissertation, 1993)
T D Kendrick: English 19th Century Glass: Topographical Index (unpublished typescript)
NAL Information (INF) files
James Powell and Sons: company records, including Order book and Cash book.
RIBA Library: Sir G G Scott: List of his Works, 1957 (unpublished typescript)
M Richardson: A Visit to the Sussex Riviera, 1990 (unpublished typescript)
William Warrington, A List of Some of the Principal Works, nd [handwritten, 1860s?]
Thomas Willement: Ledger 1841-65

Sussex Archaeological Society Library

A Brown: Notebooks on the Churches of Eastbourne (2 vols) (Brown)
Somers Clarke: Recollections 1802-86 (typewritten transcript)
P Langdon: Seventy Churches of East Sussex (typescript), c1950 (Langdon)
W E Meads: Notebooks on the ancient churches of East Sussex (10 vols) (Meads)
M W D Norman: Biagio and John Biagio Rebecca – a Sketch towards a Biography (unpublished study, 2001)

West Sussex Record Office

Diocesan Records (WSRO Ep):
Ep I/40  Archdeaconry of Chichester, Faculties
Ep I/41  Archdeaconry of Chichester, Church Building Papers
Ep I/98  Faculties all over the diocese since c1945
Ep II/27 Archdeaconry of Lewes, Faculties
Ep II/41 Archdeaconry of Lewes, Church Building Papers
Ep V  Exempt Deanery of Malling, records
P M Johnston: papers (MP 3960): Notebook 1935-36
Parish Records (WSRO Par)


Burrell Collection
Collection of topographical, historical and genealogical notes, made c1780-96 for Sir William Burrell, including drawings of churches by Samuel Hieronymus Grimm and James Lambert, senior and junior (British Library Add. MSS 5670-5711)

W T Quartermain: The Parish Churches of Sussex
Two bound volumes of drawings dated 1865, but mostly earlier, though some were added down to c1875.  They are divided into East (E) and West (W) Sussex (Sussex Archaeological Society Library)

W F Saunders: Sussex Churches
Volume of sepia drawings dated 1852-1900, mostly before 1870
(Sussex Archaeological Society Library)

Sharpe Collection
366 drawings of Sussex Churches, done between 1797 and 1809, mostly by Henry Petrie FSA
(Sussex Archaeological Society, Michelham Priory)
Catalogue: V Smith: Sussex Churches, Lewes, nd [1980]

Adelaide Tracy: Sussex Churches
Four bound volumes of drawings by Adelaide Tracy and other ladies, dated 1848-57, with photographs, printed material and notes, also known as the Borrer Collection.
(West Sussex Record Office, PD 2011-14)


Bede: A History of the English Church and People, translated by L Sherley-Price,
Harmondsworth, 1955
Chichester Diocesan Surveys, 1686 and 1724, ed W K Ford (SRS 78), 1994
Church Building and Restoration (Parliamentary Papers 125), 1876
Churchwardens’ Presentments (17th Century), ed H Grieve:
Part 1 Archdeaconry of Chichester, (SRS 49), 1947-48
Part 2 Archdeaconry of Lewes, (SRS 50), 1948-49
Domesday Book – Sussex, ed J Morris, Chichester, 1976
Durford Cartulery, ed J H Stevenson (SRS 90), 2006
East Sussex Parliamentary Deposited Plans 1799-1970, ed R Davey (SRS 87), 2003
Ecclesiastical Returns for 81 Parishes in East Sussex, made in 1603, ed W C
Renshaw (in SRS 4), 1905
Eddius Stephanus: The Life of Bishop Wilfrid, edited and translated by B
Colgrave, Cambridge, 1927
Giles Moore: Journal, ed R Bird, (SRS 68), 1971
Great Exhibition of 1851: Official Catalogue, 1851 (Reprinted Cambridge, 2011)
Religious Census of Sussex, 1851, ed J A Vickers (SRS 75), 1989
Saint Richard of Chichester, ed D J Jones (SRS 79), 1995
Sussex in the First World War, ed K Grieves (SRS 84), 2004
Transcripts of Sussex Wills, ed R Garraway and W H Godfrey (SRS 41-43, 45),
Thomas Turner: Diary 1754-1765, ed D Vaisey, Oxford, 1984
The Visitations of the County of Sussex, 1530 and 1533-34, ed W B Bannerman
(Harleian Society 53), 1905


Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society
Anglo-Norman Studies
Anglo-Saxon England
Antiquaries Journal
The Architect
The Architects’ Journal
The Architectural Historian
Architectural History
Architectural Review
Archaeological Journal
Proceedings of the British Academy
British Architect
British Numismatic Journal
The Builder
Building News
Chichester Diocesan Gazette
Chichester Diocesan Kalendar
Church Builder
Church Building
Church Times
Cornerstone [formerly SPAB News]
Country Life
Church Monuments
Ecclesiastical Gazette
The Ecclesiologist
Ecclesiology Today
Georgian Group Journal
Historic Churches
Historic Churches Review
Journal of the British Archaeological Association
Journal of Ecclesiastical History
Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects
Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (USA)
Journal of the Society of Master Glass Painters [now Journal of Stained Glass]
Lancing College Magazine
Mediaeval Archaeology
Newsletter of the Friends of the Sussex Historic Churches Trust
Sculpture Journal
Southern History
Sussex Archaeological Collections
Sussex County Magazine
Sussex Notes and Queries
The Times
Transactions of the Cambridge Camden Society
Transactions of the Monumental Brass Society
Twentieth Century Architecture [formerly Thirties Society Journal]
Victorian Society Annual
Vidimus [on-line magazine on mediaeval and later stained glass]
Walpole Society


Church Crafts League: List of Artists and Craftsmen, 1920
Clergy List (Various)
Crockford’s Clerical Directory (Various)
Debrett’s Peerage, Baronetage etc (Various)
Directory of Stained Glass Windows (Various)
Eastern Sussex District Blue Book, 1882
Harrod & Co’s Postal and Commercial Directory of Sussex, 1867
Kelly’s [Post Office] Directory (Various for London, Kent and Sussex, etc)
London and County Directory, 1811
Melville’s Directory and Gazetteer of Sussex, 1858
Pigot’s Directory (Various for London and Sussex)
Robson’s Directory of London and the Home Counties, 1839
Stubbs’s Commercial Directory of Sussex, 1973
The Architect’s, Engineer’s and Building Trades Directory, 1868
Universal British Directory, vol 4, 1793
Watkins’s Directory (Various for London)


1. Articles etc about individual churches, unless also of wider application, are listed under each church

2. Books are published in London unless stated otherwise, with the exception of articles in journals published elsewhere, e g SAC 

Addleshaw, G W O and F Etchells: The Architectural Setting of Anglican Worship, 1948
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Anon [privately printed]: Ewan Christian: Architect, Cambridge, 1896
Anon: Glass Painters 1750-1870, JSMGP 13, pp 326-38, 390-407, 514-25
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and M Norris: Early Incised Slabs and Brasses from the London Marblers, 1999
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VII. WEBSITES (This centres on the census records from 1841 to 1911 (the most recent to have been released) and births, deaths and marriages registered since 1837, However, there are also numerous other records that, although primarily intended for family historians, provide a unique resource for wider research) (This website aims to cover all Anglo-Saxon (or Pre-Conquest) churches in England, including several major ones in Sussex. It is particularly strong in the photographs it contains.  It also contains entries on specific features of the period, such as quoins and windows which also rely largely on pictures and are therefore especially useful) (This provides the texts of English Heritage listings.  These vary greatly in the amount of detail, those for Brighton and Worthing being especially full, though no sources are given)
http// (This provides access to the Twentieth Century Society’s database of C20 churches, which gives basic details of a church, particularly its whereabouts, listing status and architect, though it is markedly less comprehensive for churches built after the 1960s) http// (This is the website of Lambeth Palace Library which among other things holds the records of the ICBS. The plans of individual churches that accompanied applications to the Society have been scanned and may be accessed.  In addition, there is basic information such as the names of architects, even of churches for which no plan survives.  However, the site does not include the accompanying correspondence etc found on the original files) (Lists of the Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland.  The definition of ‘sculpture’ is wide, covering also architectural ornament and fittings such as fonts) (This is an actively developing website of images of churches throughout the country.  They are of very high quality and in the case of Sussex, all the churches so far included are in the East, but this will change over the next few years. At present, its particular strength is fittings and memorials, but increasingly general shots are also appearing) (This no longer exists as a separate website but the contents can be accessed through the University of Leicester website (Special Collections – Historical directories).  It contains a selection of Kelly’s and other directories, but there are many gaps that have to be found in a library) (As yet incomplete illustrated listings and assessments of mediaeval wall-paintings by Anne Marshall, covering such matters as dating and iconography, with a large selection of photographs) [NB. As of April 2018 this website could not be accessed] (This website is devoted to stained glass in Wales and though this sets obvious limits, the site has invaluable notes on makers of glass with photographs of their work) (Detailed listings of C19 and C20 glass in most of southern England, including Sussex, that can be assigned or attributed to a named artist.  It is compiled by Robert Eberhard)

There is also an increasing number of websites maintained by individual churches, artists, craftsmen and designers or mentioning them.  These vary enormously in their value to the researcher and it is impractical to list all of them.  However, it is always worth searching the net to see if there is anything.  Credits are given in the body of the text to most of the websites mentioned above and to any other more detailed ones that proved especially useful.

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    “The key is that managers understand that they may be wasting a lot of potential. This example of the autistic people was striking because you can explain it easily to managers, and they will understand the benefit of learning to work with a diverse workforce,” he says.

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    ** Swiss electronics company TE Connectivity Ltd issaid to be nearing a deal to sell its network equipment unit toCommScope Holding Co Inc for about $3 billion, the WallStreet Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

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    Besides just having a fully robotic staff, the hotel has some other high-tech touches

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